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" gives "The 100 - Season 5" a 8.5."
Written by on 17 August 2018.
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The 100 - Season 5

The farmers won’t save the world, Monty. The warriors will. – Octavia

The 100 has been going on for five seasons and it's still keeping us on our toes. In the fifth season we are approximately 105 years into the future. The 100 is a unique gem on the otherwise 'lovey-dovey-teenage-drama' focused CW channel (no offence intended, I watch plenty of other shows made by The CW, but you know what I mean). In all the seasons, we've had the same level of quality, which is something you rarely find in other similar shows nowadays. Does season five differ from that? Unfortunately, it does. I'd still recommend you to watch it. Why? Keep on reading.

The 100 once started as a show where 100 delinquents were sent to earth, which was deemed inhabitable due to a nuclear war, to see if life was once again possible. Years after this, the show's question is still there: can we survive here? Were the nuclear bombs the cause or did humans cause this themselves?

Season five starts with a time jump of approximately six years. Octavia and pretty much all of the other characters are 'safely' locked up within an underground bunker, after primefaya destroyed Earth once again. Bellamy and several others have ended up in space and Clarke is left on her own on the surface. This is where the story starts. And as always with The 100, a lot happens that makes the situation even worse, resulting in even more troubles for our heroes to fix.

© The CW

Some things never change, such as the acting performance of Eliza Taylor. She is sort of the main character of the entire series and she is first-rate. I've already written this in previous reviews, but one thing that The 100 does so well, is that the characters never seem to forget any of the things they have done. Decisions that they had to make in season one still affect the characters in the current season. This is particularly noticeable with Clarke, in part due to the acting done by Eliza Taylor.

People who also deserve an honourable mention are Marie Avgeropoulos and Adina Porter. They portray the characters of Octavia and Indra. Both of them have grown so much over the course of several seasons, and that has been possible due to the quality of the actors.

However, not all of the new arrivals of this season are that great. William Miller (Isabel) portrays the bad guy McCreary, a very one-dimensional character who makes very predictable choices. Ivana Milicevic (Banshee) however, manages to make a better impression as Colonel Diyoza. Her character also has a fun surprise in store, but that'll be revealed if you watch more of the season.

Now, I can hear you thinking. In the intro you were a bit negative and now everything you're saying is positive. Can you make up your mind? I most certainly will!

© The CW

The 100 is known for its surprising storylines and spectaculair plot twists. And usually also storylines that manage to keep you captivated for the entire season. This is where it went wrong for me.

I admit that I quit watching for a couple of weeks after watching episode five. Episode four till six were badly timed, slow and predictable. I feared the worst, this'll be the end of The 100. At that time it was made known that there's going to be a sixth season (even though creator Jason Rotherberg had previously said it would be a five-season story) and I shivered. Are we heading in the same direction as Lost? Milked as much as possible? I couldn't be further from the truth.

Yes, those three episodes were of lesser quality, but those that followed were exciting, fast, well-acted and had many surprising plot twists. With a massive cliffhanger at the end of the season they've changed the entire show and if that ends up being a success, then I suspect that this show can go on for quite some time.

Can you see it? Is it beautiful? – Monty

With that massive cliffhanger as its biggest plot twist of the season, they've done it once again. I can't wait for the next season!

A deserved 8.5!
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