The Vampire Diaries

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Fantasy, Horror
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" gives "The Vampire Diaries - Season 3" a 9."
Written by on 30 December 2012.
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The Vampire Diaries - Season 3

After a season on full speed, The Vampire Diaries really could only step up its game even more with season 3. With even higher stakes and a backstory that went all the way to the origins of vampires as a species, that’s exactly what the show managed to do.

We left season 2 with Stefan who promised to spend his summer vacay with Klaus in return of Klaus saving Damon. The two were now all the way in Tenessee to find werewolves. Klaus wanted to built an army of hybrids, like himself, that would make him ever so powerful. Meanwhile, he corrupted Stefan into brutally feeding on and killing innocent people. Stefan was going dark. Really dark. Luckily Elena was not about to give up on him and neither was a guilt-tripped Damon.

With such a set-up, the show could’ve easily drowned Season 3 in love-triangle business, but instead we were treaded a far more intriguing story of The Originals. Surely, Delena fans are treated well this year with the bond between the stubborn Elena and the new and improved Damon growing, but the show focused more on the first vampire family in history of which Klaus was a member. We already knew Elijah, who, at this point was still dead. But Klaus kept his other family members in neat coffins and took them everywhere he went. As the season progressed we were introduced to the delightful Rebecca, a blonde vixen who found her complexity in that she was a teenager who never experienced high school. Brothers Kol and Finn were shortly introduced but one was all about play while the other was fiercely loyal to his mother. The same mother Klaus had killed many centuries ago.

Without giving too much away, the season introduced these new characters giving our Mystic Falls crew a lot of baddies to deal with. It also pumped some fresh blood (pun intended) into the show. Klaus, thanks to the wonderful Joseph Morgan, is one of the best, most entertaining villains TV has seen in a while. He’s brutal, he’s charming, he’s manipulative but he’s also tortured and very witty. Elena soon became an integral point in Klaus’ plan and before we knew it, we were back in Mystic Falls where things were really heating up.

Because aside from the Season of the Originals, Season 3 was also the year where basically everybody stepped up and took matters into their own hands. Tyler’s mom discovered Caroline was a vampire and locked her up in a basement for her to be tortured by the new vampire hunter in town. Matt played a big role in the season as the voice of reason and he got into the art of killing vampires himself. Even Elena started working out to defend herself. Meanwhile Jeremy was still dealing with last year’s cliffhanger that saw his two dead girlfriends (the poor chap, is not lucky with the ladies) stalking him after he had come back from the dead himself. This put Jeremy in the spotlight too, as a communicator with the dead (and there are many on this show) and in between a nasty war considering ghost Vicky wanted Jeremy’s help whereas ghost Anna warned him not to trust ghost Vicky...

What the show did perfectly in Season 2, it managed to uphold this year. All the characters were used perfectly throughout the season, all experienced a major arc that saw them grow up and deal with this new life that included werewolves, vampires and chopping heads off on the porch. But with great stories comes little probability. If you’re into reason and get stuck picking out a show’s mistakes, The Vampire Diaries is officially no longer for you. With a fuzzy timeline, continously changing rules considering vampires and some moral inconsistencies from our leading lady (Elena does not think murder is a deal breaker when picking boyfriends), the show definitely asks the viewer to just come along and enjoy the ride. If so, it is surely the greatest ride to experience on TV right now.
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