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" gives "The Walking Dead - Season 9 (first half) " a 8."
Written by on 27 February 2019.
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The Walking Dead - Season 9 (first half)

With high expectations we were anxious to find out what the eighth season of The Walking Dead would bring us. The last couple of seasons (how many seasons exactly differs per viewer) were fairly disappointing. TWD was even among the 'most disappointing' shows' of 2017 and 2018 in our very own 'series of the year' awards. A shame, because it started off so well and it was a big success. Will the first half of season nine finally turn the tides?

Beware: this review may contain spoilers! If you haven't yet watched the eighth season, then turn away quickly.

The first thing that struck us was that there has been a fairly big time jump. The baby of Glenn and Maggie has finally been born, farmers have made a return and have managed to grow some vegetables, gasoline has finally run out (not for Daryl though) and the environment has been thoroughly mapped. In my opinion these were the elements of the previous seasons which I considered to be unrealistic and thus I found them fairly annoying. Another thing, which has been well documented by the media, were the final scenes of Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee.

We notice that a couple of things have happened during the time jump. There seems to be some friction between the different societies and the main group of Rick Grimes. The latter has partially split up as a result. Negan is still in jail and is regularly visited by Rick, which is something Maggie isn't particularly happy about, and Daryl has created his own little spot in the middle of nowhere, suitable for the true loner he actually is.

Same shit, different season

The first couple of episodes aren't all that different from the way the episodes were during the previous season. Same shit, different season. A bit of drama among the (less close) group, some walkers, people who die for no apparent reason and the struggle with building a 'new life'. The episodes are, however, a bit more exciting and they do make you curious. But then.... at some point in the middle of the season, something unexpected happens and because of that a couple of characters are lost to us.


Trying to find clues once more

This plot twist was a wonderful surprise, another time jump has occurred and I'm once again trying to find secret clues. What could've happened? What's happening now? Why are things the way they are? Interesting! The walkers have changed as well, they are no longer the stupid mindless creatures, they're evolving. Something that seemed impossible to the viewer, but it sure as hell makes the show more interesting.

In conclusion I've decided on an 8.0 for this first part of the new season. A great grade if you think about the fact that the first episodes weren't that great at all. The remainder of the first half more than made up for it. At some points I was even astonished by what was going on. And I must admit, I was disappointed by the fact that I had to wait an entire week for the next episode. The final episode has a spectacular ending as well and has another event that surprised even me. I can't wait for the second half of this season!
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