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Cast Undercover expanded for its second season

New actors will be joining Anna Drijver and Tom Waes in Undercover, including Sebastien Dewaele (Eigen Kweek).

It was already known that kickboxer Rico Verhoeven would join the upcoming season of Undercover as Ferry Bouman's (Frank Lammers, Als De Dijken Breken) bodyguard. Netflix has just announced that there will be more new cast members in the second season; Sebastien Dewaele (Eigen Kweek), Wim Willaert (Eigen Kweek), Sanne-Samina Hanssen (Zie mij graag) en Ruth Becquart (De Dag).

Down below, you can watch the - Dutch - cast announcements;

Last May, it was revealed that the second season of Undercover was going to release on Netflix on the 6th of September. The first season revolved around Dutch druglord Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers, Als De Dijken Breken). In the second season, he wants to get his revenge on Kim de Rooij (Anna Drijver, Zwarte Tulp) and Bob Lemmens (Tom Waes, De Oplichters), who are now targeting illegal arms trade.
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