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Virgin River sets start date for season five and holiday special

SPOILER ALERT: This article details the upcoming season five of Netflix series Virgin River.

The fifth season of Virgin River debuts on Netflix on Thursday, September 7 with ten episodes. The last two hours of season five, with twelve episodes, will be released as holiday episodes on Thursday, November 30.

This is a first for the popular romantic drama starring Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, whose previous ten-episode (s1-3) and twelve-episode (s4) seasons were released all at once.

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The official logline for season five shows major developments, which are also illustrated by some of the first footage released, including Brie bravely bringing her rapist to justice, a large wildfire coming dangerously close to Virgin River, and Doc and Hope who are back in their element after their respective health crises, with Doc in medical practice and Hope giving a public speech.

The released photos also confirm that Dr. Cameron still stayed after his heartbreak over Mel, that Lizzie and Denny are back together (or at least amicable) after their heart-to-heart talk in the finale, that Jack's glamping business is thriving, that Preacher and Paige have a sitdown after their ordeal in the finale and that Mel and Jack seem as happy as ever.

Here's the logline: Season five of Virgin River features surprising new relationships, a shocking breakup, a difficult court case, a heartbreaking farewell and a wildfire that threatens the city, bringing some of Virgin River's people together and tearing others apart. Motherhood pushes Mel to make a big decision about her future at the clinic, while her pregnancy unexpectedly sparks an emotional connection to her past. To further prove himself to Mel, Jack confronts his own demons and, of course, Charmaine. And when Doc and Hope's respective limitations cast doubt on their identities, the Doctor and Mayor must find comfort in their community, their young new family, and each other.

Virgin River was developed by Sue Tenney based on the books by Robyn Carr. Virgin River revolves around a nurse (Breckenridge) who moves to the remote Californian town of Virgin River and discovers that life there isn't as easy as she expected.

The regular cast also includes Tim Matheson, Annette O'Toole, Colin Lawrence, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Zibby Allen, Sarah Dugdale, Marco Grazzini, Mark Ghanimé, Kai Bradbury and Kandyse McClure.

Other cast members include Lauren Hammersley, Teryl Rothery, Nicola Cavendish, Gwynyth Walsh, Christina Jastrzembska, Stacey Farber, Jenny Cooper, Lucia Walters, Steve Bacic, Libby Osler, Keith MacKechnie, Barbara Pollard, Trevor Lerner, Ellie Harvie, Darcy Laurie, Sandy Robson , Lexa Doig, Chase Petriw, Emma Oliver, Michelle Addison, Miranda Edwards and Gabrielle Jacinto.

Virgin River was renewed early for a sixth season in May.

Writers include Patrick Sean Smith, Jackson Sinder, Talia Gonzalez, Tesia Joy Walker, Erin Cardillo, Richard Keith, Mary Page Keller, Thomas Ian Griffith, John Lowe, and Ildiko Susany.

Patrick Sean Smith, Sue Tenney, Amy Palmer Robertson, Roma Roth, Christopher E. Perry and Robyn Carr serve as executive producers.

Check out the released photos for Virgin River season five below.

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