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Doom Patrol renewed with a third season

A third season of Doom Patrol has been announced. The season will be exclusively distributed by HBO Max.

Doom Patrol has been renewed with a third season. The series premiered in 2019 and the second season of this superhero series aired this year. DC Universe had signed an exclusive deal with HBO Max for the second season, which allowed the season to air on both platforms in June. The third season will be an exclusive for HBO Max. It is currently unknown when the third season is scheduled to release.

Doom Patrol is based on various DC Comics characters and revolves around the brilliant scientist known as Dr Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton, Penny Dreadful). He leads the Doom Patrol, a group of people with superpowers. At first, Caulder is a force of righteousness, but his inherent instability eventually turns him into a villain. At some point, he even fights his own team.
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