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Third season Elite will release on Netflix in March

Elite is a Spanish crime series from Netflix. So far, two seasons consisting of eight episodes each have been released.

In Elite we join three working-class children who go to the most exclusive school in Spain. They were forced to do so, because after their own school has been destroyed by an earthquake, they have to go to school somewhere else. It leads to a confrontation between the poor and rich students. The school is then startled by a murder of one of the students (Marina, played by María Pedraza) in a swimming pool.

In September 2019, Elite's second season was released on Netflix. It became clear who killed Marina. In October 2019, it was reported that the production for the third season had already been completed. Two new characters were also revealed. Leïti Sene and Sergio Momo. They play the roles of Yeray and Malick. Netflix has now announced that the third season will be available in March, but an exact date has not yet been revealed.

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