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EPIX orders second season of Godfather of Harlem

Godfather of Harlem is an American crime series from EPIX. The series premiered in September 2019.

In Godfather of Harlem, Forest Withaker portrays the role of the notorious mafia boss Bumpy Johnson. We witness the story of Bumpy in the early 60s when he returns from prison after serving a ten-year sentence. He finds the neighborhood where he once ruled completely different from when he was incarcerated. The streets are now ruled by the Italian mafia. Bumpy has to fight with them to regain control of the neighborhood. During the brutal war, Bumpy forms an alliance with Malcom X (Nigél Thatch). We see the political rise of Malcolm X, in the sight of social unrest and a neighborhood war that threatens to tear the city apart.

EPIX has decided that Godfather of Harlem will have a second season. That season will again consist of ten episodes and production will take place in New York later this year.

In addition to Whitaker and Thatch, Vincent D’Onofrio, lfenesh Hadera, Nigél Thatch, Paul Sorvino, Chazz Palminteri, Giancarlo Esposito, Lucy Fry, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Antoinette Crowe-Legacy play a role in the EPIX series.
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