8.5 / 10
44 min
Drama, Family
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11 Jan 2022 23:53 -
One of the greatest longer running series with gorgeous landscapes and the most beautiful horses. It’s always there when i need something to relax to.

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Avatar jodiemaree
08 Feb 05:13
How to watch Heartland
Avatar anonymous
30 Jan 05:44
Kalas (enough) for Heartland And another comment about the tasteless insertion, by the producers of Heartland, of Prince Ahmed. I worked as a consul agent in the ME for 21 years and became very familiar with the royal families of the two kingdoms, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. It's well documented that both knew of the 9/11 attacks before they happened and that both were funding Al Q. Further, both have been funding both Al Q and the Taliban in Afghanistan, where in the order of 4000 US soldiers have been killed fighting these fanatics. The royal families have the blood of all these American soldiers on their hands. In particular, at least five Saudi Princes have supplied huge amounts of money to Al Q and the Taliban. Some of these princes own very high end horses that are stabled in the US. I more than suspect that the concept of Ahmed derives from these princes. For me, it's kalas (Arabic for "enough!") with Heartland. I can't abide the sight of this insinuating Prince Ahmed.
Avatar anonymous
27 Jan 01:45
I should have known. By end of 8-10, I was thinking that Ty and Amy are now deeply connected and can look forward to their future. But in 8-15, enter the Saudi Prince, Ahmed, again, throwing exorbitant sums of money at Amy. I see that Amy is badly injured during a night thunder storm at Ahmed's stable. Someone, I suspect the trainer whom Ahmed brutally humiliated, let the horses loose. Any way I look a this, it doesn't look good. I know that this series is not "real." Still, I'm outraged that Amy would have anything to do with this insinuating Prince. If it were not that she winds up in critical condition, I would have hoped that Ty would have thrown in the towel and moved on with his life. In the Eye of the Wolf episode, Scott told Ty to be true to his relationship with Amy. And Ty has not missed a beat since that episode. Can't say the same for Amy. Every one who follows Heartland is hoping that Ty and Amy wind up happily married. Now this, with only episodes 16, 17, and 18 left for season 8. I really feel now that the directors of Heartland are sadistically manipulating my sympathies. I resent that!