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Netflix cancels Jupiter's Legacy

There's not going to be a second season of Jupiter's Legacy. Netflix has decided to cancel the American superhero series.

The first season of Jupiter's Legacy hasn't even been out for a month, but Netflix has already decided to cancel the series. It was based on a comic series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. The story focuses on the first generation of superheroes and their children. As the generation is worshipped, their powerful children struggle with continuing the legendary legacy of their parents.

Even though Jupiter's Legacy is ending, we will not have to miss the world from the series. Comic creator Mark Millar is working on a live-action adaptation of Supercroocks, which takes place in the same universe. The new series will revolve around villains instead of superheroes. But first, an animated version of Supercrooks will release in late 2021.

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