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Series of the year 2020 - Best binge-watch series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2020 and discusses the binge-watch category. You can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others, between Monday, January 4th and Monday, February 1st.

2020 was the perfect year to completely close yourself off from the outside and disappear into the fictional world of a series. The question remains which series has been the most successful at keeping someone on the couch for hours. Which series can be deemed the best binge-watch series of 2020?

This is my first time nominating series. Exciting and honestly, taking into account all the options, it is quite tricky. I went onto a small investigation and took a look at the monthly poll, the opinion of the writers and other members, and I've even checked out loads of reviews. After all that, I ended up with the top ten list you see down below. Is your favourite binge-watch series not here? You can always decide to use a wildcard.

Down below, you'll find the top ten nominated series for this category in alphabetical order:

Better Call Saul

Earlier this year, the fifth season of this series started at AMC. Better Call Saul was awarded quite a few Emmy nominations. It was also renewed for its sixth and also final season. Unfortunately, it didn't manage to win any Emmy's, but it may very well be the best binge-watch series of the year. With 2096 votes on MySeries, Better Call Saul has an average grade of 7.9.
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about Better Call Saul.

The Boys

Even before the second season premiered earlier this year, Amazon already announced a third season. Next to that, a spin-off was announced as well. Amazon Prime seems to be a big fan of the series that shows superheroes abusing their powers. The ratings skyrocketed, but unfortunately, these do not count in the series of the year election. The Boys has a total of 514 votes on MySeries, with an average grade of 8.1
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about The Boys.

Emily in Paris

In this series, the motivated Emily heads to - you may already have guessed it - Paris. It is the newest series from this list and it has been discussed by loads of media outlets. Either you hate it or you love it. Apparently, it is 'loved' quite a bit in the binge-watch category, but will it be enough to win the title? On MySeries, Emily in Paris has received 410 votes with an average grade of 7.9.


With eight seasons, this is the longest-running series in this list. It will also be the final time for this series to be in this list, as the final season premiered in 2020. For nine years, Showtime has worked on Homeland and now it is the last chance for this series to win the title of best binge-watch series at MySeries. The question remains whether or not the final season was good and exciting enough for it to be called the best binge-watch series. It is up to the voters. With 8799 votes, Homeland has been given an average grade of 8.3 on MySeries.
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about Homeland.

Hunters (2020)

The first season of Hunters (2020) premiered earlier this year. It has already been renewed with a second season. In the series, the 78-year-old actor Al Pacino portrays the leader of an active group of nazi hunters in New York in 1977. Did he and his fellow actors do a good enough job for the series to be called the best binge-watch series of 2020? With 152 votes, Hunters (2020) has received an average grade of 7.9 on MySeries.

The Last Kingdom

Earlier this year, Netflix made a bit of a mistake when they said that the latest season of The Last Kingdom would become available all over the world. It still didn't release in the Benelux. Luckily, for the fans, the new season was available at BBC First. This new season definitely wasn't a mistake. It's up to the voters to decide if this season was good enough to win this title. On MySeries, The Last Kingdom has an average grade of 8.0 based on 1303 votes.
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about The Last Kingdom.

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is the third new series in this list. Back in March, the miniseries premiered at Hulu. It is based on the bestseller with the same name by Celeste Ng. This series revolves around two completely different families and the lead roles are portrayed by Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies) and Kerry Washington (Scandal). It is a miniseries, so this will be the first and only chance for Little Fires Everywhere to become the best binge-watch series. With 115 votes, Little Fires Everywhere has been given an average grade of 7.7 on MySeries.

Locke & Key

Locke & Key is based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. It revolves around three children who find magical keys that may have a connection to the death of their father. Maybe the exciting and fun elements from Locke & Key result in even more than a renewal for the second and third season. They could be the key to victory. With 714 votes, Locke & Key has been given an average grade of 8.0 on MySeries.
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about Locke & Key.

Sex Education

Of all the series in this list, the second season of Sex Education was the first to become available in 2020. By now, a third season has already been announced. In the dramedy, Asa Butterfield (Merlin) portrays the socially awkward virgin Otis. Alongside his friends, he teaches sex ed to other students of his school. Is the series tempting enough to win the title? With 1509 votes, the series has an average grade of 7.9 on MySeries.
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about Sex Education.

The Umbrella Academy

The final nominee of this list. It is the second superhero series to be nominated. The Umbrella Academy revolves around a dysfunctional family of superheroes, who are trying to solve the mystery of their father's death and the threat of the coming apocalypse. It is the last now, but it could end up at the top of the list. The Umbrella Academy has been given an average grade of 7.8, which is based on 1143 votes on MySeries.
Here, you can read the reviews that were written about The Umbrella Academy.

These were all ten nominees, which has been based on information provided by the members, the writers and yours truly. Can't find your own favourite? You can always use a wildcard. Good luck voting.
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