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Awards: Most Disappointing Series of 2016

What are the best and worst TV series of 2016? From 5 January till 4 February you can vote for the Annual Series Awards. This column is intended to give some extra information regarding the category Most Disappointing Series of 2016.

Today we are giving extra attention to TV series that have really failed us this year. Dutch people really love to whine about everything that is wrong in the world. So I challenge you: nag, whine and complain about the most disappointing TV show of 2016 till the cows come home.

A TV series can only be disappointing if you had high expectations. So the real question is: which series did we like in 2015, but did not meet our expectations in 2016?

Personally I really looked forward to the second season of Mr. Robot. To me it was the best series of 2015. And according to the responses we got on, most of you agreed with me on that. Was the second season as good as the previous one? Some of you didn't think so. Some people said it was "too vague and chaotic" and stopped watching during season 2. It's a matter of opinion. You either you love it, or you hate it.

In 2016, we were also a little disappointed in some new series. Vinyl for example. It should have been a great success, taking the script and the cast into account. Unfortunately, the first season did not have enough viewers, so it didn't get a second season. Another new series that didn't quite convince us with its first season was The Get Down. Very high expectations from many people, but it didn't take. Whether The Get Down will be renewed for a second season is yet to be determined.

Next, let's talk about the spin-offs which failed. Heroes Reborn is one of them. What a disappointing end to the once immensely popular show Heroes. It was fun to see some of the original characters again, but that was the only positive thing about this season. The spin-off Fear The Walking Dead did an attempt to entertain us while The Walking Dead took its mid-season break, but neither the first nor the second season seemed to have accomplished that. The story lines aren't interesting and we have already seen enough zombies.

Two new series which were brought back to life this year, were also struggling. When the news came out that The X Files would come back after ten years, everyone got super excited. But afterwards it turned out to be the "biggest fail ever" and that was it for the show. The Muppets also returned after a long period of time. Unfortunately some people thought it was "a poor rehash" of the original Muppet Show.

Finally, I would like to nominate two more TV shows, The Vampire Diaries and Blindspot. The Vampire Diaries has been going on for way too long, far past its peak. After the departure of the main character, played by Nina Dobrev, people expected it to regain its success, but unfortunately they were wrong. Let's hope they give the show a proper ending after the eighth season. The last TV series I'd like to nominate is Blindspot because this series is like most movies: the best parts are in the trailer. Maybe they never should have given Blindspot a second season.

Let's recap, the nominees for Most Disappointing Series of 2016 are:

Mr. Robot
The Get Down
Heroes Reborn
Fear The Walking Dead
The X Files
The Muppets
The Vampire Diaries

The choice is yours, so pick one of the above. You can cast your vote during the awards from 5 January until 4 February. Until then, you can discuss this category in the comments below. Do you not agree with the nominees? I understand, because opinions differ. Thankfully you can decide to use a wild card, so you can vote for your favourite. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your comments. Enjoy voting!
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