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Robert De Niro embraces colorful Argentinian slang in trailer for Spanish-language Hulu series Nada

Robert De Niro embraces colorful Argentinian slang in trailer for Spanish-language Hulu series Nada

In the first trailer for Hulu's Spanish-language series Nada, Robert DeNiro is introduced to colorful Argentinian slang.
The series, which is referred to as Argentina’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, tells the story of Manuel (Luis Brandoni), a sophisticated culinary critic from Buenos Aires, an art lover and a provocateur whose life up until this point had been managed by his assistant (María Rosa Fugazot).

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However, an exceptional event forces him to change his routine and hire Antonia (Majo Cabrera), an inexperienced young woman born and raised in a small town in Paraguay, to tackle the household tasks. The clash of cultures and generations leads to unusual, contradictory and tender situations that result in significant learning experiences for both.

Manuel’s old friend Vincent (De Niro), a renowned New York writer, visits his house. They share many adventures together, including tasting foods, reading, long walks, and existential conversations, all set against the backdrop of the magnificent city of Buenos Aires.

Nada premieres on Wednesday, October 11 on the streamer in the US and in Latin America exclusively on Star+ and on Disney+ in select markets outside the region.

The cast of the series also includes Silvia Kutika (Tierra incógnita), Enrique Piñeyro (Limbo), Gastón Cocchiarale (El Encargado), Daniel Miglioranza (El Encargado), Pablo Novak (Amar después de amar), Belén Chavanne (Monzón), Alejandro Paker (El Encargado), Rodrigo Noya (El Marginal), Ariadna Asturzzi, Cecilia Dopazo, Manuel Vicente (El Encargado) and Daniel Aráoz (Puerta 7).

Nada is produced by Metrovisión and written by Emanuel Diez, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, the writers of the hit series El Encargado, currently streaming on Hulu. The series was created and directed by Cohn and Duprat.

Nada will kick off the Culinary Zinema section at the 71st edition of the Festival taking place from September 22 to 30. The Star Original Productions’  new original dramedy is the first Latin American fictional series to be included in this festival’s section.

You can watch the trailer for Nada below.
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