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Amazon Freevee releases trailer for comedy series Dinner With the Parents

Amazon Freevee releases trailer for comedy series Dinner With the Parents

The series is an American remake of the British series Friday Night Dinner.
Amazon Freevee just released the trailer for the new comedy series Dinner With the Parents. The series appears on Thursday, April 18 and revolves around a family that gets together on Friday evenings.

The official trailer provides a glimpse into the close-knit Langer family and all the chaos that ensues during their weekly gatherings.

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The show’s official synopsis states:

“Every Friday evening, the closely-knit Langers prove that it takes those we love best to bring out our worst. On tonight's menu; lies, betrayals, pranks, schemes, unwelcome neighbors, childhood crushes, at least one felony, many very bad decisions, and a scrumptious, freshly-baked apple crisp.”

Dinner With the Parents is an American remake of the long-running British comedy series Friday Night Dinner, starring Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter and Simon Bird. The premise of the series mirrors the original: two brothers in their twenties go to their mom and dad's house for dinner every week and try to get through it without making fools of themselves.

Jon Beckerman is the executive producer and showrunner for Dinner with the Parents, along with Big Talk's Kenton Allen and Matthew Justice. Robert Popper, creator of the original British series, is also an executive producer on the remake, while Tristam Shapeero takes on the role of director.

In the past, there have been several attempts to remake the iconic British series in an American setting. The best-known effort was that led by Greg Daniels, who adapted The Office UK for American television. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after a pilot was made.

Amazon's version of the series stars Dan Bakkedahl as father Harvey Langer. Harvey is a suburban dentist who tries to combat his midlife crisis by developing an eccentric taste in fashion and starting a garage band called The Spin Dentists. Harvey tries to make every Friday night revolve around him. But he is often held back by his wife, Jane Langer, played by Michaela Watkins. Michaela has just left a job as a teacher after 25 years and is now on her mission to help her son David, played by Henry Hall, find true love.

Other members of the Langer family include second brother Gregg (Daniel Thrasher) and Nana Rose (Carol Kane). Jon Glaser plays Donnie and Rob Delaney, Christine Adams and Mircea Monroe also guest star in the first season.

Dinner With the Parents will be available to stream on Amazon's free, ad-supported service Freevee on Thursday, April 18.

You can watch the official trailer for Dinner With the Parents below.
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