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TV ratings America week 45

TV ratings America week 45

In collaboration with The Nielsen Company, MySeries will publish the viewer ratings every week. In this news item, it will show which series have been watched the most. For more on your favourite series' viewer ratings, you can check the series' main page or the Premium account.

You will find a summary of the series with the best viewer ratings in the States from 6 November 2023 to 12 November 2023 below.

SeriesRatingsEpisodeChannelBroadcast on
1 Big Brother 3.13S25E42CBSdonderdag 9 nov
2 Hell's Kitchen (US) 2.19S22E07FOXdonderdag 9 nov
3 The Curse of Oak Island 2.08S11E01Historydinsdag 7 nov
4 Bachelor in Paradise 1.96S09E07ABCdonderdag 9 nov

Below you find the top 25 of best viewed programs. This list also includes repeats and programs that are not known by MySeries.

SeriesRatingsChannelBroadcast on
1Ot, the14.25FOXdonderdag 9 nov
2Fox world series game 511.48FOXdonderdag 9 nov
3Football nt america pt 310.73NBCdonderdag 9 nov
4Home depot prime clg ftbl8.82CBSdonderdag 9 nov
5Fox world series game 48.48FOXdonderdag 9 nov
6Mon night football on abc8.36ABCdonderdag 9 nov
7Fox world series game 38.13FOXdonderdag 9 nov
860 minutes7.39CBSdonderdag 9 nov
9Voice6.33NBCdonderdag 9 nov
10Nfl regular season l (la charg5.84ESPNmaandag 6 nov
11Mon night kickoff5.36ABCdonderdag 9 nov
12Voice-tue5.3NBCdonderdag 9 nov
13Survivor4.86CBSdonderdag 9 nov
14College football prime l (ole miss4.83ESPNzaterdag 11 nov
15Golden bachelor, the4.77ABCdonderdag 9 nov
16Dancing with the stars4.75ABCdonderdag 9 nov
17Simpsons4.64FOXdonderdag 9 nov
18Nfln exclusive game (2023 wk 10 ind4.59NFL Networkzondag 12 nov
19Yellowstone 14.49CBSdonderdag 9 nov
20Saturday night football4.45ABCdonderdag 9 nov
21Fox wrld series gm3pstsus4.4FOXdonderdag 9 nov
22Yellowstone 23.9CBSdonderdag 9 nov
23Celebrity jeopardy!3.86ABCdonderdag 9 nov
24Amer funn hm videos-7pm3.85ABCdonderdag 9 nov
2520/20-fri3.84ABCdonderdag 9 nov

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