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Start and premiere dates of November 2023

Start and premiere dates of November 2023

We have listed everything for the month of November 2023*. When which series** start, which season, and which channel. Keep in mind, this includes local (Dutch) series.
Wednesday, November 1
Black Cake - Series premiere (Hulu)
Shetland – Season 8 (BBC One)
Six Feet Under – Complete series (Netflix)

Thursday, November 2
All the Light We Cannot See – Series premiere (Netflix)
Gadis Kretek – Series premiere (Netflix)
Hamsters – Series premiere (Streamz)
22.00 - Seal Team - Season 5 (CBS)

Friday, November 3
Onimusha – Series premiere (Netflix)
Invincible – Season 2 (Prime Video)

Saturday, November 4
DNA – Season 2 (KRO-NCRV)
Smeris – Season 1 – 5 (Videoland)

Sunday, November 5
Lawmen: Bass Reeves – Series premiere (Paramount+)

Monday, November 6
La Brea – Season 1 – 2 (Videoland)

Wednesday, November 8
The Buccaneers – Series premiere (Apple TV+)
The Santa Clauses – Season 2 (Disney+)
Culprits – Series premiere (Disney+)
Santos – Series premiere (BNNVARA)

Thursday, November 9
Akuma Kun – Series premiere (Netflix)
For All Mankind – Season 4 (Apple TV+)
Rap Sh!t – Season 2 (HBO Max)

Friday, November 10
NCIS: Sydney – Series premiere (Network Ten)
Rap Sh!t – Season 2 (Streamz)

Saturday November 11
Händelser vid vatten – Season 1 (KRO-NCRV/NPO Plus)

Sunday, November 12
Beacon 23 – Series premiere (MGM+)
The Curse – Series premiere (Showtime)

Tuesday, November 14
A Murder at the End of the World – Series premiere (FX)

Wednesday, November 15
The German House – Series premiere (Disney+)

Thursday, November 16
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – Series premiere (Apple TV+)
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Season 2 (HBO Max)

Friday, November 17
Sagrada Familia – Season 2 (Netflix)
Carmen Curlers – Season 1 (VPRO/NPO Plus)

Saturday, November 18
Seven Wonders – Series premiere (Prime Video)

Monday November 20
SAS: Rogue Heroes – Season 1 (Videoland)

Tuesday, November 21
Fargo – Season 5 (FX)

Friday, November 24
En helt vanlig familj – Series premiere (Netflix)

Saturday November 25
Payback (2023) – Season 1 (KRO-NCRV/NPO Plus)

Sunday, November 26
Faraway Downs – Series premiere (Hulu)

Wednesday, November 29
Echo – Series premiere (Disney+)
The Artful Dodger – Series premiere (Disney+)

Thursday, November 30
Obliterated – Series premiere (Netflix)

* These are the dates and times known to us. It is possible that dates of series will change after the release of this article. Because of that, it is possible that dates have been added at the time of publishing this list. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided, but if we have missed something or if a date or time is not correct, please let us know below in the comments.

** After consultation, we have decided to have programs such as reality, competition, home and garden, games, cooking, talking, sports, special interest, children/family programs, children's animation and documentaries no longer be a part of this overview.

Have fun watching.
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