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Start and premiere dates of March 2024

Start and premiere dates of March 2024

We have listed everything for the month of March 2024*. When which series** start, which season, and which channel. Keep in mind, this includes local (Dutch) series.
Saturday, March 2
Kill or Be Killed – Series premiere (Oxygen)

Sunday, March 3
The Regime – Series premiere (HBO)

Tuesday, March 5
Alert – Season 2 (FOX)
Mary & George – Series premiere (AMC)
The Cleaning Lady (US) – Season 3 (FOX)

Wednesday, March 6
Animal Control – Season 2 (FOX)
Daredevil: Born Again – Series premiere (Disney+)
Extraordinary – Season 2 (Disney+)
Full Swing – Season 2 (Netflix)
Supersex – Series premiere (Netflix)
Tijl in het voetspoor van Richard Wagner – Series premiere (AVROTROS)

Thursday, March 7
Billie vs Benjamin – Season 2 (Streamz)
Das Signal – Series premiere (Netflix)

Friday, March 8
The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy – Season 2 (Apple TV+)

Sunday, March 10
De Joodse Raad – Series premiere (EO)

Monday, March 11
Young Royals – Season 3 (Netflix)

Wednesday, March 13
Bandidos – Series premiere (Netflix)

Thursday, March 14
Grey's Anatomy – Season 20 (ABC)
9-1-1 – Season 7 (FOX)
Station 19 – Season 7 (ABC)
Apples Never Fall – Series premiere (Peacock)
Girls5Eva – Season 3 (Peacock)
Manhunt (2024) – Series premiere (Apple TV+)
The Girls on the Bus – Series premiere (HBO Max)

Friday, March 15
My Happy Marriage – Season 0 (Netflix)

Tuesday, March 19
Palm Royale – Series premiere (Apple TV+)

Wednesday, March 20
X-Men '97 – Series premiere (Disney+)

Thursday, March 21
3 Body Problem – Series premiere (Netflix)

Friday, March 29
A Gentleman in Moscow – Series premiere (Paramount+)
The Ballad of Renegade Nell – Series premiere (Disney+)

Sunday, March 31
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san – Series premiere (Netflix)
Parish – Series premiere (AMC)

* These are the dates and times known to us. It is possible that dates of series will change after the release of this article. Because of that, it is possible that dates have been added at the time of publishing this list. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided, but if we have missed something or if a date or time is not correct, please let us know below in the comments.

** After consultation, we have decided to have programs such as reality, competition, home and garden, games, cooking, talking, sports, special interest, children/family programs, children's animation and documentaries no longer be a part of this overview.

Have fun watching.
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