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One Tree Hill

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Runtime:2003 - 2012 (Ended)
Network:The CW
Except for basketball, Nathan and Lucas Scott have nothing in common, but their mutual father will forever connect their lives in ways they could never imagine. Their father, Dan Scott, chose to abandon Lucas and raise Nathan in his image – a life of luxury and Tree Hill High Ravens basketball. Lucas, on the other hand, was raised by his single mother, Karen, and shares Nathan’s love for hoops, but keeps his game to the river court park. However, when the Tree Hill High coach, Whitey Durham, is in need of another player, Lucas and Nathan’s lives are forever entwined as the brothers face off on the court where Lucas battles for a spot on the team.


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21 March 2012
28 March 2012
4 April 2012
Season 7
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Reviews (2)

One Tree Hill - Season 3
20 Jan 2013
High school dramas tend to blend together as they address certain topics. It’s usually all about relationships with new kids who come to town. Teens mostly go without parental supervision and the actual school isn’t a big part of the experience. One Tree Hill’s third season isn’t as much as a...
One Tree Hill - Season 2
7 Jan 2013
Second seasons are always tricky for teen shows. The first season finale always leaves a huge mess to clean up and there aren’t a lot of relationships left to explore for the main cast. One Tree Hill fixes this problem just like almost any other character-driven show, by introducing a truckload...

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One Tree Hill Theme song

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