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" gives "Sherlock - Season 4" a 9.5."
Written by on 3 February 2017.
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Sherlock - Season 4

We had to wait a long time for the fourth season, but finally on 1 January 2017 the time had come: Sherlock and Watson were back. Just like previous seasons, this season also consisted of three episodes of 90 minutes each. So I was stretched out on the couch with a mug of tea and ready to watch my favourite detective. I wanted to know if my anticipation would be rewarded.

We started with the first episode: The Six Thatchers. It was off to a good start with a dynamic story. Before you know it, the episode has ended and, just like Watson, you are out of breath, bewildered and sad. Sherlock is becoming more and more convincing in this episode. And yet, there's something missing. Maybe it's the high-functioning sociopath he used to be. Suddenly Sherlock has feelings like any other human being, but is that what the fan wants? Probably not. Sherlock is brilliant, but anything human should be alien to him. But because it's Cumberbatch and the 21st century, Sherlock gets away with it, in my view.

On to episode two: The Lying Detective. Okay, I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would probably turn in his grave, and Jeremy Brett as well. This is not Sherlock, this is a stupid version of the brilliant, antisocial detective, and yet... and yet. The acting is so brilliant in the second episode, I forget that this is not the Sherlock I want to see. I am moved, baffled, I even have to laugh occasionally and when the second episode has ended, I know deep down that this fourth season marks the end of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson.

And then the final episode: The Final Problem. Completely baffled, I turn to my husband Roelof and ask: “What was that?” Was that really an episode of Sherlock? Or had I ended up in an Escape room with a Telephone tag? Don't get me wrong, the acting is once again incredible, but the whole episode feels like a bad Disney or Pixar fairytale. I didn't experience any suspense because I was too baffled about the 180-degree turn the series has made. What have they done to Sherlock?

What have they done to the brilliant detective? What have they done to Watson who, all of a sudden, is just tagging along after Sherlock as a dumb sidekick? What have they done to Mycroft, who has to say things that Sherlock's brother, in my opinion, could never utter in a million years. As I put my tea mug in the dishwasher, I finally realize we have just watched the final episode with these brilliant actors playing Sherlock and Watson. Unfortunately, despite the fantastic opponents Moriarty and Culverton Smith (Toby Jones, The Secret Agent), the fourth season is not of the same amazing quality as the first three seasons, particularly not the first one. Still, I give this season a 9.5 because of the great directing, acting and filming.

PS Did anyone else notice that the scene of Moriarty reappearing by helicopter was almost the same as the one with the bad guy Silva in Skyfall? The writers probably thought that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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13 Aug 2017 14:39 -
Love it.

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