What We Do in the Shadows

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30 min
Horror, Comedy
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" gives "What We Do in the Shadows - Season 1" a 7.5."
Written by on 13 September 2019.
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What We Do in the Shadows - Season 1

In 2014 the comical horror film What We Do in the Shadows was released, in which four vampires share an apartment in New Zealand. The same people behind the film created a series with the same name. This time the story takes place on Staten Island, New York, where we follow the 'lives' of four other vampires who live, together with their human protector, in an old mansion. A few months ago I wrote a review of the first episode. In my opinion the pilot showed potential, but still had to grow. Did the first season continue the upward trend?

Well, partly. On the one hand there is more of a story and structure in the rest of the season. The first episode felt more like a disconnected compilation of sketches without a clear purpose or story. Some of the positive elements of the pilot remain as well. The cast is all right, the setting looks more than fine and the direction is also good. On the other hand the level of that first episode, which I think was quite funny, isn't always kept up, especially the way the story is told and the kind of jokes that are made.

This first season reasonably follows the trend of the first episode.

The series is made in the same way as the film and if you liked the film you should like the series as well. This mockumentary focuses on the lives of the vampires. This is intentionally made into a successful joke. It must be said that the humour should be your cup of tea. Some will find it silly, but I like it. There's a broad range of jokes: typical roommate situations, for example who opens the mail, or tributes to, and sometimes even jeers at, fictional works on vampires. There is also a nice reference to the film. But not every joke lands, but that's all right.

The story lines aren't always interesting. Not every episode is of the same strong level, especially the first few episodes fall short when it comes to humour, story and weird situations. Luckily this is well compensated in the second half of the season with some very powerful episodes. The finale as well offers enough potential for another great and fresh second season.

I don't have any negative remarks about the cast.

I don't have any negative remarks about the cast. Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou and Mark Proksch are just fine as the vampires Nandor, Laszlo, Nadia and Colin respectively who live in the mansion. Harvey Guillen is also excellent as the grovelling and desperate human protector of the vampires. What's remarkable is that the actors really excel in their roles when they show their human side and not behave as typical vampires. This is especially apparent in a story line in which Nadia turns a girl into a vampire out of pity instead of draining her which she wanted to do in the first place. Or when Nandor founds out the fate of one of his descendants. There are also some fun guest appearances and cameos like Doug Jones (Star Trek: Discovery), Nick Kroll (Big Mouth) and Vanessa Bayer (Saturday Night Live).

All in all, the first season of What We Do in the Shadows reasonably follows the trend of the first episode. The series shows some growth, but still has some issues maintaining consistent quality and a story line. Still, it is enjoyable and fans of the 2014 film will be quite satisfied. The show has been renewed, so now we will just have to wait for the second season.
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