Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II

6 / 10
36 min
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6 / 10
1 seasons / 6 episodes / 2020 - 2020
Network Disney+
Series has ended


Runtime: 36 min 2020 - 2020
Genres: Documentary
Network: Disney+
Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II is an American documentary which aired on Disney+. The series premiered on June 26, 2020. As never before in its near-century-long history, Walt Disney Animation Studios is opening its doors, allowing cameras to capture in intimate detail how the voice cast, directors, and team of artists come together to create Frozen 2. This multi-episode documentary series shows the hard work, imagination, heart, fun, and intensity that go into making one of the most highly anticipated Disney Animation features of all time.
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Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II

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