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Series of the year 2018 - Best guilty pleasure

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2018 and discusses the category 'Best guilty pleasure'. Between Monday January 7th and Monday February 4th you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

What someone considers a guilty pleasure is different for everyone and so it's very personal. Based on suggestions made by MySeries members and writers, a great list has been compiled. Guilty pleasure series are often very binge-worthy and can make you forget about your daily worries.
Often these are series that make you happy, or make you swoon or they are often so bad, they almost become good!
Of course, we could only nominate ten series, but there should be something for everyone.
Let the voting begin!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events, based on the novels by Lemony Snicket, combines black humour and a bit of adventure. Neil Patrick Harris plays the antagonist, Count Olaf, and does this very convincingly. Every two episodes tell the story of the Baudelaire children who are dragged from place to place after their parents died in a fire. At the same time they are being chased by Olaf who is after the fortune they inherited. The third and final season has been released on Netflix on January 1st.
Here you can read the reviews written about A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Dynasty (2017)

Dynasty (2017) is a reboot of the classic show from the eighties. The second season is in full swing as we speak. Dynasty (2017) follows the lives of the wealthy Carrington and Colby families in their daily, dramatic and filthy rich lives. The series is deliciously over the top and filled with soapy problems. The cast consists of, among others, Elizabeth Gillies and Alan Dale.
Here you can read the reviews written about Dynasty.

Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead spin-off has been going strong for four seasons now. Fear The Walking Dead focuses on the beginning of the zombie-apocalypse and follows a dysfunctional family in Los Angeles. The cast consists of, among others, Frank Dillane, Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens.
Here you can read the reviews written about Fear the Walking Dead.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is already in its fifteenth season and follows the lives of Dr. Grey and her patients. In the meantime a spin-off has been created and rumours are flying around that the sixteenth season will be the last one. Anyway, this year we can still enjoy the series and watch our favourite doctors.
Here you can read the reviews written about Grey's Anatomy.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a classic telenovela and contains all the clichés you can imagine. It all started when Jane, a woman who wants to remain a virgin until her marriage, became artificially inseminated by the baby's father's sister. From there it all starts in this funny feel-good series. The final season of Jane the Virgin will be released this year.
Here you can read the reviews written about Jane the Virgin.


For a while there, it seemed as if Lucifer was to become a victim of the Grim Reaper of cancelled shows, but it was rescued just in time by Netflix. Last year the third season was broadcast. Lucifer revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, aka the devil. The series is filled with one funny one-liner after another and that makes it a real guilty pleasure.
Here you can read the reviews written about Lucifer.


At the moment Riverdale is one of the most popular series amongst teenagers. The series started almost two years ago with the murder of Jason Blossom and it has developed into a thrilling teenage drama. The show follows Archie Andrews and his friends and it's based on the Archie Comics. Riverdale is currently in its third season.
Here you can read the reviews written about Riverdale.


Shadowhunters is a fantasy series based on the novels by Cassandra Clare. Last year the show was cancelled and this resulted in one of the biggest fan actions ever. Unfortunately, it was all in vain and the series remained cancelled. Shadowhunters tells the story of Clary Fray, a sixteen-year-old, who discovers she is descended from a line of demon hunters. The final episodes will be broadcast in 2019.
Here you can read the reviews written about Shadowhunters.


After the departure of Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams, Suits moved on. With the eighth season in full swing, it's impossible to imagine life without Suits on the small screen. Suits revolves around the lawyer Harvey Specter and Mike Ross who work together, despite the fact that Mike Ross is not a real lawyer.
Here you can read the reviews written about Suits.

The 100

The 100 is a sci-fi series from The CW. The sixth season will premiere this year. The series started once with 100 young people who were sent back to earth to see if it was inhabitable again, because earth was destroyed by nuclear weapons. Many MySeries members nominated The 100 as a real guilty pleasure. The series is filled with action and adventure and, of course, plenty of romance.
Here you can read the reviews written about The 100.
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