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Series of the year 2018 - Best crime series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2018 and discusses the category Best crime series. Between Monday January 7th and Monday February 4th you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

Thirty or forty years ago, crime series were mostly limited to series in which crime was fought by a police force, detectives or secret organisations. In the meantime the genre has evolved enormously and today crime is no longer black-and-white and even the criminal is in the spotlight now and can gain sympathy. It is no longer just about good versus evil and sometimes the past can also play a big part.
That doesn't mean that the old familiar crime series has disappeared.

Series like The Rookie and Lucifer are more comical and C.B. Strike and The Bridge (2011) are series that take police and detective work more seriously. In Mr. Mercedes the atmosphere is even darker and the perpetrator is just as much on screen as the inspector who is terrorised by him. The perpetrator and the victims are also at the forefront in Greyzone, where the hostage and hostage-taker claim all the attention.

Lastly, there are series where the criminal plays the lead part. In both Better Call Saul as well as in Ray Donovan we are shown a fixer who breaks the law more than once. With shows like Ozark and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan we find ourselves in the world of financial crime. Ozark chooses the side of the criminal, while Ryan hunts down launderers.

The Rookie

A forty-year-old man decides, after his business goes bankrupt, to chase his life-long dream: becoming a police-officer. We follow this man on his journey at the LA police force. In his wake we also meet several other rookies and the rest of the force. We are shown how he and the other rookies slowly but surely learn the ropes.
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The devil arrives on earth and becomes an advisor to a female police detective who he falls madly in love with. With this premise we were given an interesting cop show with a twist. Lucifer is and will remain unique among the other crime series on TV. In the third season Lucifer is still trying to discover who he is as an earthling.
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The adaptation to the small screen of the novels by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling, with detective Cormoran Strike and his sidekick Robin in the lead parts. The first season consisting of seven episodes comprises the first three books which Rowling wrote about the duo. A typical British whodunnit story that closely follows the novels.
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The Bridge (2011)

With this fourth season, the saga of Saga Noren is ended beautifully. Saga's last story starts in prison, but when she is found innocent of her mother's murder, she and her Danish colleague try to find a new killer who is specialised in executions. For example, the first victim gets stoned to death. During the following search for the killer, the writers also nicely wrap up the story of Saga so she can hand in her badge with dignity.
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Mr. Mercedes

A series based on a novel by Stephen King: this ensures a thrilling story that captivates from the start. The cat-and-mouse game from the first season is taken up again and it is soon apparent that the killer is still in the land of the living.
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A drama series in which a drone expert is being held hostage by a terrorist. Her assignment is making sure that a drone will drop a nuclear bomb onto a specific target. When one of those bombs is found by the police, they are alerted to the plans of the terrorist and the expert finds herself in a situation where she is forced to help both the police as well as the terrorist.
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Better Call Saul

The seedy lawyer from Breaking Bad who got his own series. In the fourth season we see him slowly but surely become the lawyer we all know from Breaking Bad. The attentive viewer will also notice that this time line is creeping closer to the time line of Breaking Bad and that the first meeting between Walter en Saul is not that far away.
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Ray Donovan

In this sixth season Ray Donovan is still the fixer for everyone who is willing to pay. And it doesn't matter how many laws he has to break, as long as the client is happy and he gets paid. Of course he also has his share of family troubles, which ensures that this sixth season is again a joy to watch.
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Ozark follows the Byrde family from Chicago. Together with their children Charlotte and Jonah, Marty and Wendy lead an ordinary suburban life. But Marty is a financial advisor who is also the main money launderer for one of Mexico's largest drug cartels. When something goes wrong, the family is forced to leave Chicago and hide in the Ozarks in the state of Missouri.
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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

The series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is not based on a specific book, but focuses on current geopolitical issues and terrorism. Jack Ryan, as an inexperienced analyst, discovers some suspect financial transactions and is dragged to the Middle East by his superior officer.
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