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Series of the year 2019 - Best series of the year

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2019 and discusses the category best series. Between Monday January 6th and Monday February 3rd you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

Voting on the series of the year elections is about to start. The first top 10 list was released on the 22nd of December, and a new list with nominees was released every single day (until today). Tomorrow we can start voting. This probably sounds very familiar, but it was very difficult this year. Not only because of the many fantastic new series, but also because of the new streaming services. And also because of the excellent series that the existing broadcasters and streaming services made this year.

This year it also seems to be the year of the mini-series based on moving true stories. Those series sometimes have a bit of an edge because of the moving story and the often famous actors and actresses who play in it. This year there are also a few “old” series that couldn't compete last year due to the simple fact that they didn't have any episodes in 2018. Of course I have a personal favorite, but I will keep that to myself for now.

Below you can find the top ten nominees for the best series of 2019 in alphabetical order;

La Casa de Papel (Netflix)

Last year, this Spanish Netflix series could not be nominated because no episodes were released in 2018. This year it is the first on the nominated list and I am rather curious to see where it'll end up. La Casa de Papel proves that a series does not necessarily have to be foolproof to be hugely popular. In April 2020, the third season of this incredible series will start at Netflix.

Chernobyl (HBO)

It's justified as to why this mini-series has been nominated for this category. Chernobyl is based on the disaster involving the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in 1986. The five-part series gives an intense picture of how things went behind the Iron Curtain at that time. The denial and the manner of handling is shocking. It's only downside is that the series doesn't use any local actors and that the spoken language is English.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

This fantasy series was not included last year. This year the Game of Thrones HBO series can be found in several categories. The only question is in which category will this immensely popular series end up highest. It is still up for debate if GoT should be part of this category or not, as a majority of the fans were not satisfied with the final season. But will the voters only take the final season in consideration?

Read the reviews written about Game of Thrones.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Last year, this science fiction series finished second. Whether or not I agree, I will keep that to myself. This year it is likely that The Handmaid’s Tale will end up high. The series that is so familiar and yet seems so far away from the real world is based on a book by Margaret Atwood and shows what happens when religious fanatics take control. The Hulu series has since been renewed with a fourth season.

His Dark Materials (BBC One)

This fantasy series premiered on the BBC in November 2019 and His Dark Materials is already in the top ten best or most popular series (depends on your perspective). Lyra, polar bears in armor, missing children; this series has the complete fantasy genre in it. Fantasy with a capital F so to speak. The fans couldn't wait for the series to begin. The question was whether the BBC could make it happen. And they managed, as His Dark Materials turned out to be a real hit.

The Mandalorian (Disney+)

This series also premiered in November 2019 and has already been nominated. But that is not very strange when you know that this science fiction series from Disney + is set in the Star Wars universe. Although the fans were not so happy with the fact that the series would be released one episode at a time. The first season ended in December 2019, but The Mandalorian has already been renewed with a second season.

Outlander (Starz)

Last year this historic fantasy series finished in third place. Not bad for a series of which some critics claim is only being watched because protagonist Sam Heughan regularly walks around half-naked. And I have to admit it is not bad to look at the actor. But that's not the only reason why I watch this show. It's interesting, has great cinematography and is generally just a pleasant series to watch.

Read the reviews written about Outlander.

Peaky Blinders (BBC One)

This series, too, was not nominated last year because there were no episodes in 2018. But this year it appeared frequently in the nominated list of the writers and readers of MySeries. In my opinion, a justified nomination. Peaky Blinders from the BBC is raw and straightforward. The decline of - especially Thomas Shelby - the Peaky Blinders can be first seen in this season. The sixth season of the historic crime series has already been announced by BBC One.

Read the reviews written about Peaky Blinders.

Unbelievable (Netflix)

It is the second mini-series based on a true story that is in the list of nominees. Unbelievable is a bewildering story of abuse, a legal system that fails and passionate women who want the truth out on the table. The eight-part series is not a light-hearted series, but a truly incredible story about how some people deal with victims of sexual violence.

When They See Us (Netflix)

When They See Us is the insane true story about prejudice, mistakes, corrupt police officers and people who don't want to listen to the truth no matter how harsh and annoying it can be for someone personally. This Netflix mini-series is a wake up call about the rotten legal system in the United States. I won't be surprised if this series ends up high on this list.

These were all ten nominees nominated by the readers, by the writers and by myself. If you still want to choose another series, use your wildcard. Good luck voting.

With kind regards,

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