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Series of the year 2019 - Best non-English language series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2019 and discusses the category non-English language series. Between Monday, January 6th and Monday, February 3rd, you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

The non-English category is quite difficult. Last year it threatened to be deleted and this year it completely disappeared from the Series of the Year radar. However, after many questions from MySeries readers who were disappointed when it became clear that this category was not included this year, we decided to breath in new life in this category. So... now what? I haven’t seen many non-English series this year, so I could not draw from my own experience. Fortunately, other writers and MySeries helped out.

Below are the ten nominees in alphabetical order of 2019. In addition, there are some new "faces" that have become very popular due to - for example - Netflix in a very short time. There is also a series amongst them that was the seventh best animated series in 2018. The question this year is again which non-English-language series is most popular with the MySeries readers. We will find out in February 2020. If you are not satisfied with the ten nominees, you can always use your wildcard.


New to the list is 3%, although this is not a new series. 3% is the Brazilian Netflix series that premiered on November 25, 2016 on the streaming service. The series did not appear in the top ten last year, but this year it did. A whopping 1100 members are following this series and it has an average grade of 7.2. The science fiction series is renewed with a final fourth season, which will release in 2020.

Attack on Titan

This series is also not new, but it is new in the list of non-English series. In 2018, Attack on Titan from MBS reached the seventh place in the 'top 10 animated series' list. Attack on Titan is a Japanese anime that was also in the list of animated series in 2017, then it also reached the seventh place. The series is originally a manga series and has already received several books and video games.

Cable Girls

The Spanish drama series that ended in fifth place last year in the 'non-English-language series' category is again a nominee this year. The Netflix Original continues on February 14 with its final fifth season. The Cable Girls series takes place in the 1920s, where we follow four women who work as telephonists at a telephone company. The series actually tells the rise of the telephone.

La Casa de Papel

Sometimes a series does not have to be foolproof be very good. La Casa de Papel is such a series. The Netflix crime series was originally from Antena 3 and has become one of the most popular Spanish series of this time. The series has 7670 followers on MySeries and they are anxiously awaiting the third season, which will start in april 2020. This series, which is nominated for the first time, has the potential to end up in a high place on this list.


The mysterious German Netflix series Dark has been nominated for the first time this year. The series premiered on December 1, 2017 on the streaming service. Fans had to wait a year and a half before the second season started on June 21, 2019. But apparently the long wait has had no effect on the ratings, because the series has been renewed with a final third season that is expected to be released in 2020.


In 2018 this Spanish crime series was nominated in this category and it finished in a nice third place. Elite premiered on October 5, 2018 and Netflix has already renewed the series with a third season. The second season, which started on September 6, also has eight episodes and can count on a loyal fan base. At MySeries it has 1407 following members and a 7.9 average grade.

The Pier

New in the list is The Pier by Movistar +. A Spanish-language thriller series that can be seen on Ziggo and NPO in the Netherlands. The protagonist is perhaps an explanation for the enormous popularity of this series. He is portrayed by Álvaro Morte, who is known for his portrayal of El Profesor in La casa de Papel. We follow the successful architect Alexandra, who is confronted with her worst nightmare when she has to identify her husband's body.


The first Scandinavian series in the list, and fortunately not the only one, is Quicksand. The Swedish crime series premiered on Netflix on April 5 and is in fact a mini-series with only six episodes. The series revolves around a school shooting, which is a horrible, but contemporary theme. The series has already won two Kristallen Awards. One for best television drama and one for Hanna Ardéhn, who received a best actress award. Kristallen is an official Swedish television Award.

The Rain

The Rain is the second Scandinavian series that was nominated last year for best non-English and best binge-watch series. Last year it received a second place in this category and an eighth place in 'best binge-watch'. In this science fiction thriller series, rain is the big enemy of the survivors of a biological catastrophe. The Netflix-series has been renewed with a final third season.
Read the review that has been written about The Rain.

Vis a Vis

Vis a Vis is the sixth new series in the list of non-English-language series. Although the series premiered in 2015 at Antena 3, it became well-known when Netflix included the series in its content. The crime series has had four seasons and all four can be seen on Netflix. This Spanish-language series is also likely to be a big hit in the MySeries of the year elections 2019. The series has received an 8.5 on MySeries based on the votes of 1661 members.

These were the ten nominees selected by the readers and writers - including myself - of MySeries. In case you want to vote for a different series, you can use your wild card. Good luck voting!

With kind regards,

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