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July 2020 | MySeries in 500 words

We can go on holidays again but under very strict rules, and we can't go everywhere yet. We went out anyways. Great, you'd probably think. Or maybe not at all?

The thing is, if you were part of one household you could go out for dinner together. In a bigger group, this became quite difficult as you had to ensure social distancing. And I can tell you from experience, it isn't fun at all. We have to wear masks in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Even if it isn't everywhere, the chaos is complete. This applies to the land of series as well.

Where one network tells us that production hasn't continued yet, the other network has announced to continue production. Because of that, it isn't certain when some series are set to start their production. We don't know when series are set to release, nothing seems to be certain. In the US, the virus is on a rampage and as a result of that, some production companies were forced to let people go. Some people were also placed on an indefinite leave of absence.

The BAFTA Television Awards were quite gloomy without the audience and nearly everything being virtual. The same applies to the Emmy nominations, everything was done virtually. And nobody seems to know how long this is going to take. One person may say it'll take another three years and someone else who is more hopeful will say this will all be over by next Summer. And I'm just wondering if we'll be able to see who's gone on holidays where facemasks are mandatory.

And will there be series where actors are forced to wear facemasks and disinfect their hands every time they enter a new place? Before production begins, all cast and crew members have to be tested. If that doesn't happen, they have to enter quarantine for two weeks. The question remains how this will affect series in the future. Will there be no more hugging or handshakes? And don't even get my started about kissing or ending up in bed with each other.

And what about reality television? Is there already a solution for that, or will it just be delayed? All kinds of questions that don't seem to have an answer just yet, and it may take a while before those answers come. For now, we can still watch series for some time. There's still plenty of stuff to be released. And many of us have a ginormous list. I do hope, however, that more will become certain in the coming months.

Slowly but steadily some news about series that have continued production or have been delayed even further seems to come in. But the truly good news seems to be pretty far away. The series fan will have to make do with catching up or watching series that they would usually not watch. It's also an option to rewatch something. Many networks and streaming services are purchasing the distribution rights to older series so that they'll have 'new' content. We don't have to get bored just yet.

With kind Summer greetings,

Stay safe,
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