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Third season Westworld will arrive March 2020

Westworld is an American science-fiction series from the HBO channel. So far, two seasons that consist of 10 episodes each have been released.

Based on the film of the same name, written by best-selling author Michael Crichton, Westworld is a dark odyssey about the beginnings of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. The story is set in an amusement park where visitors can imagine themselves at all times. There are robots there instead of real actors. But when the robots rebel, the visitors are in danger.

HBO has now reported that the third season of Westworld will start on March 15 and consist of eight episodes. The returning cast consists of Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Thandie Newton as Maeve, Ed Harris as the Man in Black, Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, Tessa Thompson as Charlotte, Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs, Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore and Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton . New cast members this season are Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, Lena Waithe, Scott Mescudi, Marshawn Lynch, John Gallagher Jr. and Michael and Tommy Flanagan.

The video below does not explain much about the third season of Westworld. It was previously known that Delos, the company that produced the Westworld robots and theme parks, will be a competitor in the new season. That competitor is called Incite, and can, among other things, turn memories into artificial life forms. The video below shows a timeline. It predicts future events such as an "ecological collapse" in May 2020 and the start of the second Russian civil war in 2037, and ends with a "critical event" on February 27, 2058. On March 15, more will become clear when the third season starts .

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