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Awards: The Best Animated Series of 2016

This column is intended to give some extra information regarding the nomination for the best animated series of 2016. From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite in this category.

2016 has come to an end, so this means you can soon vote for, among other things, the best animated series of 2016. There are quite a few animated series out there, and a lot of new and fun episodes of the nominated series have been broadcast last year. I will take you through the list, so on 5 January you are well informed and can vote for the best one.

On TV for quite a number of years and also on the list this year is The Simpsons. It has been going strong for 28 seasons and it's still innovative. They have won numerous awards since 1989 and is the longest running American sitcom and the longest running American animated series. So this one can't be left out.

Another series which has been around for some time is South Park. The show has been on TV for 20 seasons and aims at a more mature audience with its dark and bizarre humour. The topics of the show are often criticised and are often considered taboo in America and in many other countries. The series is accessible for everyone, including younger viewers, but it is mainly intended for a mature audience. Perhaps the most well-known character in this show is Kenny, who always dies. There will probably be a lot more seasons in which Kenny gets to die.

American Dad! is a similar series as Family Guy. It's an American sitcom which has less standard jokes, but makes use of the characters themselves. The show makes use of real family situations, even though the plots are too absurd to be real. This is mainly the strength of the show. Although the show was initially intended to replace Family Guy, it was decided to continue the show and it had to prove it's unique value. Expectations were high, but after eleven years it's still here, which shows its unique character.

Now for something completely different: spies. Another popular animated series is Archer. Archer is a secret agent for intelligence service ISIS, run by his mother. Now we're at season eight which will be broadcast in January 2017. We can expect several more seasons, because its creator announced he will not stop until season ten. So Archer will have to complete a lot more missions, although they will more often end badly than end well.

Now it's time for a futuristic show, namely Adventure Time. This animated series, mainly aimed at children, takes place in a world where everything is possible. Finn and his magical dog Jake live in a post-apocalyptic world where mutants and magic is common. It is a wonderful and fun show. It has been around for six years now and is very popular among both younger and older viewers.

Another series filled with adventures is Gravity Falls. This show is about the twins Dipper and Mabel Pines. When they have to spend the summer with their uncle, they end up in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls. This town is riddled with paranormal powers and supernatural creatures. They have to adapt to a world with which they are not familiar. The show ended after two seasons because the creator wanted to end the summer in a great way.

The last few years Netflix has released many original series, among other things BoJack Horseman, which was one of the first Netflix originals. Netflix often continues with promising characters from earlier shows, like BoJack who is from the popular '90s comedy Horsin' Around. Together with a guy named Todd, his agent and his former lover, the cat Princess Carolyn, BoJack wants to make a comeback. With their help, he is trying to escape from his life of whisky and failed relationships.

And who doesn't know Star Wars? This is also an animated series called Star Wars Rebels, in which the rebels turn out to be great heroes. A small group of rebels in the galaxy take a stand against some dangerous opponents and have exciting adventures. A great animated series filled with excitement and action.

The last one on the list is a great Japanese animated series, namely Dragon Ball Super. This is the sequel to the popular show Dragon Ball Z, based on the manga series Dragon Ball. At the moment, after two years, six seasons have been broadcast and they are not done yet. This show, filled with action and adventure, is about Goku who has been chosen to fight evil and keep the peace.

So these were all the series which have been nominated for the best animated series of 2016. I hope I have helped you to make a decision. In case your favourite is not on this list, you can use a wild card. Please let me know in the comments below what you think of these series. Is your favourite among them or are some shows missing from this list? You can start voting soon!

The nominees are:
The Simpsons
South Park
Family Guy
American Dad!
Adventure Time
Gravity Falls
BoJack Horseman
Star Wars Rebels
Dragon Ball Super

From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite series. Which one is yours and why?
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