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Series of the year 2019 - Best comedy series

Series of the year 2019 - Best comedy series

This column supports the Series of the Year 2019 election and covers the category comedy series. Between Monday, January 6th and Monday, February 3rd you can vote on your favorite series in this genre, and many more.
Here we go. The first category. And immediately one of the most difficult of all. Humour is incredibly personal, but we are trying to find a balance for everyone's extensive taste. This is fairly difficult, as there have been a lot of great comedies this year!

In a qualitatively good filled year of series, there are also some very beautifully made comedies, which we are trying to turn into a top 10. Here you'll find that top 10, which is made by MySeries, in alphabetical order. Good luck!

After Life

We're starting with the most divisive one. No other nominee will have so many different opinions about it as After Life. You'll find Ricky Gervais' humour either brilliant or incredibly terrible. That After Life is a particularly crafted series, needs no discussion. So the series needs to be in this top 10. I'm very curious where it'll end up in this category.
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The Big Bang Theory

Twelve. After Twelve seasons, the iconic The Big Bang Theory ended. But after so many years, although the ratings were still admired by a lot of others, the curtains finally fell. With its sharp humour and the continually high quality, TBBT cannot not be a top contender in this category.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sometimes series, as they run longer, repeat certain plotpoints. Especially with comedies, that is an enormous letdown. But not for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The hysterical Holt, the increased focus on Hitchcock and Scully, Boyle and of course the famous 'heist'-episode, are all things which made this season even better than the last one. B99 has already been nominated for a couple years in a row now, but is this the year they are going to win? That would be 'Noice'!


The first season just came up short for a nomination, but now the second season received one in this category. Sharp, subtle but increasingly vulgar and an amazing lead are just a couple of great things about this peculiar comedy. Will this one be the dangerous outsider for this years contest? We'll see.

The Good Place

Holy motherforking shirtballs. The Good Place got a nomination again! All four season received a nomination from MySeries and this last one also got it. The critically acclaimed series knows how to, time after time, surprise its audience and makes (i'm impartial here, but maybe not completely) fantastic episodes. Maybe if you vote for this one, you'll actually get in the good place? Just try. Go on!
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Modern Family

Almost every year Modern Family end ups in the highest regions of this contest. The ups and downs of the Pritchett's and Dunphy's are still extremely funny to a lot of people. With the announced ending at the end of the current season, it almost seems like the writers are going all out. Several episodes have been amazing this season!

Shameless (US)

For somewhat over nine years, Frank guarantees extreme fun. The particular life of the Gallagher's always seem to be intertwined with the most weird, unhealthy and shameless humour. Does Shameless (US) got it, finally after all those nominations, to make it to the top?

Silicon Valley

After six seasons, Silicon Valley also ended. This HBO-comedy guaranteed raving reviews in it's first season. But then, as the series progressed, the quality tumbled. Just before the finish line though, Silicon Valley was back in the game. So it's clear why it received a nomination!
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Young Sheldon

Although we're done with The Big Bang Theory after this year, fear not! The almost as brilliant spin-off Young Sheldon is still there! With its bizarrely accurate casting of the child actors and just enough familiar things from its big brother TBBT, this series knows how to outshine some others. Surprisingly many people love Young Sheldon. So maybe this is a real contender for the title?

You're the Worst

Last but not least, this is the final contender for this category. This comical love story between the two self-destructive main characters guaranteed a lot of fun for a couple of seasons. Maybe this outsider will transform its 'destructivism' into constructivism?

That's it. The, if you ask MySeries, best comedies of the last year. Fun fact, six out of the ten contenders are ending (or already ended) after this season. That is: Fleabag, Modern Family, You're the Worst, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Place and Silicon Valley. That means next year, we'll see a totally different line-up. But let's enjoy this years line-up first!

Oh, before I forget. Do you believe we missed a series that ab-so-lutely should be a contender for this category? Use your wildcard! We think we know everything, but sometimes we don't! ;)

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