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Series of the year 2018 - Best ended series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2018 and discusses the category Best ended series. Between Monday January 7th and Monday February 4th you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

With the growing number of television shows, the number of shows that ends or gets cancelled also grows. Whether they deserve it or not, it always hurts a little when your favourite show stops. Yet, we saw a trend this year: more than ever we saw television series that were cancelled by one channel, but found a new home at a new channel or streaming service. Designated Survivor and Lucifer moved to Netflix, Fresh Off The Boat went from ABC to Fox and the doors of the precinct of Brooklyn Nine-Nine stay open for a while at NBC. Still, enough series have perished and we are going to miss them very much. Now the question remains: which one will you miss the most?

We selected the following ten series for you:

12 Monkeys

A few years ago a trend emerged to adapt classic movies into television series. The results were mixed, but 12 Monkeys, in which a time traveller from the future travels to the present to prevent a deadly virus, was one of the more successful attempts. After four seasons full of disasters, timelines and paradoxes it was enough for the creators and they brought it to a satisfying end.
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The Americans

For six seasons Philip and Elizabeth had to pretend to be the perfect American family, while in reality they were Russian spies. The show combined the best elements of a suspensful spy show and an intriguing family drama. After six seasons full of intrigue, conspiracies and secret plans the story was over and it became clear if living a double life was possible for such a long time.
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Ash vs Evil Dead

This is quite an obscure series, but a favourite of the editors. After more than twenty years, Ash from the Evil Dead movies returns to the small screen to fight evil again. This show was both a suspenseful horror series as well as a parody of a suspenseful horror series. Unfortunately, Starz thought it was enough after three seasons. Is evil finally defeated? Time will tell.
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The Bridge (2011)

The only non-English speaking series in this list. And it was certainly a good one. The Bridge (2011) counts as the example for Scandinavian crime shows. Tense, gritty, bleak, well acted. In the four seasons that were made, a Swedish and a Danish detective hunted for killers that were active in both countries. The fourth and final season is no different and serves as a worthy closing season.
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It was a year of reckoning for Marvel and Netflix. After Luke Cage and Iron Fist got cancelled shortly after each other, the positive reception of the third season of Daredevil seemed to turn the tide. Nothing was further from the truth, because the Devil of Hell's Kitchen got the axe in December. Will there be another future for the blind lawyer slash vigilante on another network? That's not known yet.
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House of Cards (2013)

Once Frank Underwood was the most impressive politician in the landscape of television shows. He was loved and feared, famous and infamous. And the same applied for Kevin Spacey, the actor who played him. Both men fell from grace and after Spacey was accused of sexual harassment, Netflix did not want to have anything to do with him anymore and they cancelled House of Cards (2013). Luckily for the fans, the political drama series could count on one final season, with a lead role for Robin Wright, who played Frank's wife Claire.
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New Girl

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! After seven seasons, Jess is not the new resident of the flat anymore. Still, the seventh and final season felt just as fresh as the first one, thanks to the good main actors and the catchy humour. The final season may have been fairly short, but it formed a fitting end to a very charming series.
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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time... there was this television show in which every fairytale character you could think of came together. It was called Once Upon a Time. For seven seasons these characters, from Captain Hook to Snow White to Jiminy Cricket to Rumpelstiltskin, had the most fantastic adventures. But after those seven years, ABC thought it was good and the channel lifted the curse for good. And they lived happily ever after.
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The Originals

It was not nominated in this category last year, but The Vampire Diaries managed to get enough wild card votes for a position in the top ten. This year the spin-off The Originals is nominated. The Originals is just as original and exciting as The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately, after five seasons it was over for the Mikaelsons, but the franchise lives on because a new spin-off has already started.
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Apart from shows about hospitals, fire stations and courtrooms, Shonda Rhimes can also make shows about politics. Scandal followed a crisis manager and former press chief who had to prevent scandals in and around the White House. Just like all other Shonda Rhimes-shows, Scandal was characterized by strong female roles and a diverse cast. After seven seasons, Rhimes and Co thought it was enough and gave the show a good ending.Read the reviews written about Scandal.

Is your favourite not on the list? No problem. Use your wild card.
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